Hampton Wildlife Fund Photo Contest - Previous Winners - 2016

There is more to great photography than merely making good exposures. A scientist may make a good exposure to document an experiment, or a reporter may make a good exposure to illustrate a news story. In either case, the elements in the picture tell the story of a particular moment in history. An artistic photographer, on the other hand, strives to do more than just communicate a set of facts about a snapshot in time. Such artists use a cryptic alphabet of pixels to inspire a feeling, such as a sense of awe or joy or even sadness. In fact, the visual elements that make up a good exposure are often little more than an illusion, and the technical details in a great photograph may only be a distraction, so the story can be told in the shadows or implied beyond the bounds of the image itself. Because this is true, great photographs are difficult to describe, even with a thousand words, but you know one when you see it. That's because great photographs are an experience, and oftentimes it is right before your eyes.

– Joey Frazier

Outdoor Recreation

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