Nov/Dec 2018Directionsby Joey Frazier, Editor, South Carolina Wildlife

For several years, SCDNR Director Alvin Taylor has written the Directions column, but today, as South Carolina Widllife’s printing deadline draws near, his attention is focused on more pressing matters. Barely a month ago, South Carolina was hit, for the fourth time in four years, with a major, weather-related natural disaster. Hurricane Florence took her time meandering across the Atlantic, and she stayed around the Tarheel and Palmetto states long enough to wear out her welcome.

During the course of the event, from tracking the approach, through the storm and into the recovery, the SCDNR has been there for South Carolina’s citizens facing the brunt of the wind and rain. You may be familiar with our law enforcement officers wearing green uniforms as they work during rescue and recovery missions in dangerous situations, but you may not know the entire scope of the agency’s involvement.

As a storm approaches, a significant number (hundreds) of SCDNR staff members step into their roles as emergency responders. South Carolina’s state climatologist provides forecasts as the agency’s flood mitigation coordinator guides statewide response to damaging floodwaters - with help from our GIS team, biologists, land managers, technicians, language translators and the SCDNR Law Enforcement officers, who are perhaps in a most visible search and rescue role. Of course, Director Taylor is always close by to ensure cooperating agencies know where and how to access vital information recorded by the SCDNR’s special teams.

In future issues, South Carolina Wildlife will bring you the big picture of the SCDNR’s teamwork behind the scenes, alongside other agencies and on the front lines. You may be surprised to learn the depth of our role when disaster strikes. Whether you see us or not, oftentimes, the SCDNR is there for you.

To Director Taylor and the SCDNR emergency responders who are keeping us safe - borrowing a familiar line from our inspiring Director - JOB WELL DONE!

- Joey Frazier, Editor
South Carolina Wildlife


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